Patrick Hooper

Hi! I'm Patrick.

I'm a web (app) developer, life enthusiast, University of Michigan alumnus, and all-around neat guy living in Ann Arbor, MI. I'm also Marie Hooper's biggest fan.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had an affinity for keeping things clean. I like when things are streamlined and seamless. I believe in quality over quantity and all that jazz. I even have a degree centered around optimization and efficiency. Nerdy, right? But now I get to use my education and love of web dev to create cool things every day!

If you're looking for more info, feel free to contact me or check out some of my other profiles using the links above. You can also have a look at my résumé if it interests you.


  • Codework

    A programming challenge app where users can add challenges, submit solutions, and view friends' submissions; all in realtime.

  • GPS to GPX

    A simple library that formats GPS waypoint data from an activity (a run, bike ride, hike, etc.) as GPX.


    A sandbox app for the WGI think tank to try out cutting-edge business intelligence ideas.

  • WGIki

    A colorful resource website made for easy discovery of important WGI materials.

  • WGI Informer

    A totally hip and reimagined website built for sharing news within WGI.

  • Jahleh + Patrick

    The wedding website for me and my beautiful wife, made with love and a lot of ice cream.

  • Ms. O'Meara's Multiage

    The whimsical classroom website for Ms. O'Meara (my mom), her students, and their parents.