Patrick HooperPDH

Hi! I'm Patrick.

I'm a web (app) developer, life enthusiast, national park junkie, and all-around neat guy. I'm also Marie Hooper's biggest fan, probably. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my amazing wife and our adorable baby girl.

I've had an affinity for cleanliness and simplicity since I was little. Stories about my love of tidying up are well-known in my family. I guess some things never change, because I turned that innate love into an actual education focused on optimization and efficiency. Now I work on cool web projects every day, still always looking for simplicity, even in problems that are inherently complex.


  • GPS to GPX

    A simple library that formats GPS waypoint data from an activity (a run, bike ride, hike, etc.) as GPX.

  • Codework

    A programming challenge app where users can add challenges, submit solutions, and view friends' submissions; all in realtime.